Kentucky Ethics League
Friday, July 19, 2024




     Bro.Don Cole, President   

       & Executive Director

    Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems and Kentucky Ethics League 

     Donald R. Cole, born July 11,1935.  Providence, Webster County, Ky.  Lived on farm until I was married.  Attended all 12 years of school at Dixon High

 School and graduated in May, 1953.


Married June 4, 1954 to Anna Lorene Russell who was born and raised in Poole, Ky.


Called of God into the Ministry in 1954 during a fall revival in my home church.

Began college education at

Bethel Jr. College, (Baptist) in Hopkinsville in the fall of 1955. Graduated from

Bethel in 1957.

Entered Murray State University in 1957

and graduated in Jan. 1960. Completed requirements for teaching certificate

after graduation.


Graduated from Murray with a Major in History and minor in English and Biology.

Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Taught at Christian County High School in spring semester of 1960. 

In the fall of 1960 I began teaching at Belmont Elementary, 7th grade, and completed

the year of teaching in

the Spring Semester of 1961. During the summer of 1961 I coached a Babe Ruth League baseball team. Won the Pennant!!!


Moved to Kansas City, Missouri in August of 1961. Entered Midwestern Baptist Seminary

in the fall of 1961 and completed the requirements for Master of Divinity Degree in

May 1965.  Did some work toward a Doctorate.


I have pastored nine different churches since I was ordained to the ministry in 1957. 

I served as pastor for

 47 and one half years. I have served in Kentucky and Missouri as pastor. I have also

preached in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Alabama. 


I have served with the League since the early nineties, I think 1992.  I enjoy the work

and it has given me the opportunity

 to be in a lot of churches and meet many wonderful people.


Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, gardening, reading and keeping up with the news.

And, of course, doing Bible Study and Preaching.