Kentucky Ethics League
Friday, July 19, 2024

About Us

  Kentucky Ethics League 
The Kentucky Ethics League Inc., a sister organization to the Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems Inc., was created on February 22, 2005.  The Kentucky Ethics League, Inc. has as its mission to inform and educate community and church members about the current ethical issues facing today’s Christians in the State of Kentucky.  Gifts to the Kentucky Ethics League, a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation, are exempt for taxing purposes.

Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems 
The purpose of the Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems Inc, is and will remain as a political action organization that will lobby in Frankfort and assist communities in local option elections.  Contributions to the Kentucky League on Alcohol & Gambling Problems are not exempt under the IRS codes since it is a 501(c) 4 organization.
These actions were initiated by our trustees, who felt these changes will better serve the needs of those who count on us for information and political activism.  Both organizations are at the current address and telephone numbers.
What We Do
We are involved in Education:     
     -Provide speakers to churches and organizations
     -Share information on issues confronting the state.
     -Distribute educational booklets and pamphlets on alcohol & gambling issues
We are involved in Church & Community Affairs:
     -Helping local communities develop “grassroots” efforts to combat alcohol and
          gambling issues. 
     -Sponsoring Youth rallies and assemblies educating on the danger of alcohol
          and drunk driving.  
We are involved in Research:
     -Fact gathering source for Kentucky citizens on Alcohol, Gambling, and other moral issues.